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This topic will add all the updates / patch notes that have been added


1. Reworked Gladiator skills:

Skill0297 0.jpg Duelist Spirit. 1 level. Available for study at level 40. Changed buff duration from 1 minute to 5 minutes. Requires 35k SP to learn.
Skill0297 0.jpgDuelist Spirit. 2nd level. Available for study at level 46. Changed buff duration from 1 minute to 5 minutes. Requires 80k SP to learn.

Skill0359 0.jpgEye of Hunter. 1 level. Available for study at level 49. The skill has been reworked and now gives an additional 20% damage against "monsters". Requires 90k SP to learn.

These updates are made for a better existence of the class in PvE.

2. The artificial intelligence (AI) of monsters on "Primeval Isle/Dino Island" has been reworked, farming on AoE has become much more difficult.

Implemented this update to slow down the development of economic inflation on the server.

3. Reworked bonus OE (Over Enchant / Sharpen) weapons according to the C4 base.


Work done on the first day of start:

  • Fix several quests.
  • With the restart, the cat will have a D grade two-handed, which can be exchanged from the coupon received at level 6 (do not forget to exchange the NG weapon for the coupon, back).
  • With the restart, a global chat will be introduced.
  • Fixed the mechanics of learning skills.
  • The daily reward is now available from level 6.


  • Small fixes on SmartGuard.

Master Tom for the quest "Path of Scavenger", is now static and spawns on the "island".

Fixed textures in Frozen Waterfalls.

  • All summons of the first profession now live from 2 hours.
  • The problem with the animation of the GM shop - solved.
  • PA Ticket display issue - resolved.
  • Will be updated for the updater later, as more weight fixes are available.


  • Updated the work of HP cans in the ADC menu.
  • Fixed some NPC nicknames.
  • Fixed SS drop in cuts.
  • RBs are placed on the map with their location on a live/dead basis. - will be added with the next update of the client.


  • Latest updates added:
  • Fix ADC
  • Fixed textures in RoA/RoD
  • Added display of RB on the map + live / dead


  • Color chat systems


  • Displaying the level in the party


Added .menu command (disable experience, switch language (so far only dialogs, disable animation) 


  • Fix display of PA Ticket
  • Fix location in cuts


Orc shaman now has 10% MP regen on hit with a certain chance to convert 10% of the physical damage dealt to the enemy into MP.


Skill0209 0.jpg Dagger Mastery - Added a flyout trigger when auto-attacking monsters, which gives "max" Clara to use skills

Skill0217 0.jpgSword/Blunt Weapon Mastery - Added a flying trigger when auto-attacking monsters, which gives "max" clara to use skills and 20% additional stun passing.

Skill1001 0.jpgSoul Cry -Added to the Cleric/Prophet class. The maximum level of study is level 8. The skill is not available at the Olympiad.

Skill0130_0.jpgThrill Fight - Removed completely the penalty that cuts his running speed by 20%



Spoiler skills will be added:

Skill1559 0.jpgPotential Ability - When using a dagger, increases the chance of inflicting a crit. Hit by 20%, Power by 117 pts. Used when wearing light armor.

Skill0248 0.jpgCrystallize - Makes it possible to crystallize Rank D-S rank.

Skill0263 0.jpgDeadly Blow - A potentially fatal attack. Possible death blow. Overhead is possible.

Skill0030 0.jpgBack Stab - Sudden attacks the enemy from behind. Requires Dagger. Possible crit. hit. Possible semi-death blow. Overhead is possible.

The skill of the clan buff will change (Clan Unity)


Changed the AI of Shilen Knight dice, increased the chance of use:

Skill0022 0.jpg Summons a Vampiric Cube that uses magic to absorb an enemy's HP and restore its owner's HP.

Skill0278 0.jpgSummons a Serpent Cube that uses magic that poisons the enemy.



Skill0028 0.jpgAggression - No longer consumes mana.

Fixed issue with kookaburras
Fixed pathfinding issue in Giran and Outlaw Forest

Added skill for Overlord:

Skill1563 0.jpgFury of Pa'agrio

Level 48: Increases Atk. Atk. group/clan members by 15%. Action time: 20 min.
Level 56: Increases Atk. Atk. group/clan members by 33%. Action time: 20 min.

Increased time to "climb a horse" to 8 seconds.



Skill1535 0.jpg Chant of Movement, is now available for study from level 44.

Life, Phantom, Storm, Viper, Vampiric Cubics - duration increased to 20 minutes.
Fixed pets and their items.

The number of slots in the academy has been increased to 200 people.
Added Vampiric Rage 1level to 2nd Class Buff Scroll

Added cat Vote Shop and Vote Coin (requires client update)

Buffs from Improved Baby Kookaburra now last 6 minutes.

Reworked quest reward system:

  • Exploration of the giant cave (GC quest)
  • Whisper of the dreams (LoA quest)
  • Black Swan


All tyrant totems have their duration increased to 5 minutes.


Skill War Cry - duration increased to 5 minutes.


  • Update of the mechanics of displaying dead/live RB on the map.
  • Updated the speed of some mobs that were not displaying correctly.
  • Skill Peace and Serenade of Eva - fixed to work on HF.


  • Dwarf craft book increased to 100 slots.
  • Fix animation of pets.
  • Dwarven Manufacturing slots increased to 50.
  • Dwarves can now sell for 4 slots from lvl 1.
  • The changes will take effect after the restart.
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ONLY the character, not the account, goes offline with the .offline command. Accordingly, you can plant additional traders by simply creating them on your account and sending them to the market. Those. each account created in the personal account allows you to plant up to 7 traders.

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Changes for skill Bear Spirit Totem - deleted decrease speed.

Fix some quests.

Changed siege time. Siege will be 30.04 at 16 and 20 Moscow time.

Attractive Cubic changed for 20min life time.

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Dance/Song now for 6 minutes - on testing period

Party buffs from Warlock/Elven summoner for 6 minutes - on testing period, also.

Mechanic golem - summon have 1 hour life time.

Clan skills now working from status Vassal (2nd class - of main clan).

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