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  1. Описание изменений скиллов: https://wiki.l2prime-time.com/skilly-i-mekhaniki/opisanie-umenii-klassov
  2. If you have nothing happens when launching the client, there are no errors and the client just does not start, or the error LCID cannot run in this locale appears, here is the solution to the problem. To resolve this issue, it is recommended to clear the DNS cache (ipconfig /flushdns), free and refresh NetBIOS names (nbtstat -RR), reset the IP configuration settings (netsh int ip reset), and reset the Winsock directory (netsh winsock reset). . This can be done using the appropriate command lines as follows. 1. Press the Windows key and type "Command Prompt" and click "Run as administrator". 2. Now enter the following commands one by one and press Enter after each command. ipconfig /flushdns nbtstat -RR netsh int ip reset netsh winsock reset 3. Wait for the process to complete and restart your computer. BE SURE TO RESTART YOUR COMPUTER
  3. Dear friends 🥰. We are glad to inform you that we are ready to launch the OBT. Please note that the OBT will be held in several stages: 💫At Stage 1 (9.12-17.12): Instances are disabled, the GM Shop has not been updated and the OBT is in debug mode 💫At Stage 2 (17.12-21.12): Instances will be enabled and the server will be updated to match the live server settings. 🏅During the second stage there will also be an Olympiad from 20:00 Moscow time until 22:00 Moscow time. The character who takes the top 1 in points at the end of the Olympiad - will receive a PA for a month as a gift! The NPC from whom you can change level and buy the necessary items is in Giran. 🚨You can send all identified discrepancies by form: https://goo.su/ezNUNZ 🎁Active participants of the OBT will receive gifts. 🎮You can download the client at the link: https://goo.su/lAKPM 🎮Or update via the new updater: https://goo.su/MUAUhvR ‼️‼️‼️Please note: account registration is NOT required to participate in the OBT. Auto-registration works (don't forget your accounts!).‼️‼️‼️ At the end of the OBT, ALL characters from the OBT will be removed. Personal account registration for live server accounts will be enabled on 12/15/2023. You can find information on mechanics and customizations in our WIKI: wiki.l2prime-time.com
  4. Dear friend! Have you been wandering around the internet looking for a place to stay for the winter, or have you watched the stream of our ambassador StupidPony and discovered the world of the Prime-time project? Either way, you're here! Perhaps you already have experience playing on similar projects, or maybe you are just taking your first steps in the worlds of Elmodern, we are ready to help everyone. First of all, be sure to study the project description: Familiarize yourself with the raits, add-ons and useful commands, because they will be useful for you in the game. Now let's move on to the next question: Who to start playing for? Classes on our project are balanced in such a way that our dear players will find it equally interesting and effective to play all classes. We have removed the unambiguous superiority of mage classes in PvP, as well as optimized a number of skins (don't forget to study them at the link): In PVP, you will feel equally comfortable with mili-stops, mages, bows, and even packs with knives. But do not forget that some classes can be stronger in certain situations, as well as the difference in equipment. What about the Olympics? From the point of view of the Olympiad on our project - it is difficult to single out any one class. We have implemented a circle system, when there is no one class that kills everyone. Traditionally, some of the strongest farmer classes are: EE, Over, TK, FS, PP, but other classes feel very comfortable in the arena, thanks to the new skills. What you need to remember when starting a game on our project? D and C shots can be bought at the Luxury Shop in Giran. Yes, it is a little more expensive than in the ordinary players (we do not strangle honest economists), but it is always fresh and in stock; You can also buy the following items: Plated Leather Boots worth 12,000,000 A; Karmian Gloves worth 8.000.000 A; Soulshot (D-grade) worth 15 A; Blessed Spiritshot (D-grade) worth 65 A; Soulshot (C-grade) worth 23 A; Blessed Spiritshot (C-grade) worth 115 A; Theca Bootsworth 8.000.000 A; Mithrill Boots worth 8.000.000 A The first and second profession you can either make a quest, or buy for adena or COL. It's just a matter of who's heart is in it Don't forget to join the academy (you can do it through the clan search system, automatically), and also make a quest for D-grade equipment. You will definitely need it for the first time; The experience bonuses from PA and Runes add up. So you can max out the rails on your character if you use all the bonuses; Don't forget to make a quest for pets. They play a very important role on our project and help you in development. But also keep in mind that we do not have middle and top gear on pets, however, they are still effective helpers in killing monsters; If you're a fan of carrying a lot of stuff on you, remember that in the GM shop for COL you can buy a special belt that will make you practically a powerlifter; On our project, mammon weapons change up to and including low B-grade; If you don't want to swing the spoiler, you can buy Agathion Agathion: God of Fortune at the GM shop for COL; Don't forget to try to get Agathion Pollyne's Guard from the level 23 Tumran Bugbear (Tumran the Ogre), he is near Dion and also in the location: Ruins of Agony.
  5. For your convenience, a full description can be found at the link: https://wiki.l2prime-time.com/opisanie-proekta/opisanie-proekta Server start: 22.12.2023 Start of OBT: 09.12.2023 Base rails and information (without PA/with PA): EXP/SP x2/x3 Full Drop x2/x2 Adena/SStone x2*/x3* Spoil x2/x2.5 Quest items x1/x2 Epic/RBoses Drop x1/x1 Important: The premium account bonus is divided proportionally (arithmetic average) for the whole party. Window count: Unlimited Cycle macros: They work, with the occasional disconnect Autoloot: Work with the rune for 7 days in the GM shop Goddamn weapons: Works in event mode Fishing: Disabled, skills from fishing are learned for AA, fish for 3rd profession is sold in GM-shop for adena Foundation/Rare Armor Crafting: Available B-grade/A-grade/S-grade Foundation/Rare Weapon Crafting: Unavailable Improving and exchanging weapons at mamon: Up to and including low B-grade Herbs: Disabled Champion Mobs: Disabled Beginner's Buff: Up to level 40 Buff (sophomore SE/EE/PP) with PA: From level 40 to 80 The cost of teleports: Dynamic, tied to character level Global chat: Available to all, there may be a limited number of posts Group search engine: Released Clan search system: Released Start of the siege: Work from the start of the server 7 seals: Working from the start, period updates on Mondays at 6:00 p.m. Manor: Enabled The Main Market: Giran Shadow Weapons: Not available Sub-Class: Changed the mechanics of the sub quest, added an alternative option Professions: Can be purchased for adena/COL Important extras: Game Teams: .offline - puts a character on offline trading, ONLY the character leaves, not the account. Accordingly, you can land additional traders by simply creating them on the account and sending them to the market. I.e. each account created in the pa allows you to land up to 7 traders; .menu - opens a window with a list of different commands; In the same menu you can enable/disable autoloot (works with item: autoloot rune for 7 days); .mammon - shows the location of the blacksmith when the map is open; .merchant - open map shows the location of the merchant; .promo - you can call up the menu, enter a promo code and get a nice gift:) .setsponsor nickname - quest sponsorship team; Others: Soul Ore - has no weight; Noblesse Blessing - casts instantly on any class. Range increased from 400 to 700; Magic Crit power is x2, maximum magic crit chance is 45%; Reduced the amount of dropped adena in locations: Stakato Nest; Forge of the Gods; Imperial Tomb; Pagan; Monastery of Silence; Tower of Insolence (верхние этажи); Catacomb of Dark Omens; Disciples Necropolis; Maximum level difference for experience: 9; D-grade and C-grade weapons consume fewer soul charges; Increased mob chasing distance by 200 units; Added a Devils Island language NPC with two different TPs(Near the water and in front of the bridge); Added the ability to teleport through the City of Heine's GateKeeper at Garden of Eva 1st floor and 5th floor; MP-regen zone has been created in Dion city, not far from the GC, in order for the regen zone to start working you need to go inside the "Mystic Sphere": Luxury Shop has added 6 items for sale for Adena: Plated Leather Boots worth 12,000,000 A; Karmian Gloves worth 8.000.000 A; Soulshot (D-grade) worth 15 A; Blessed Spiritshot (D-grade) worth 65 A; Soulshot (C-grade) worth 23 A; Blessed Spiritshot (C-grade) worth 115 A; Theca Bootsworth 8.000.000 A; Mithrill Boots worth 8.000.000 A There will also be a SA exchange available in Luxor In the location Forge Of the God (Forge of the Gods) increased the chance of reproduction of mobs from 10% to 25% and the number of up to 7pcs. To get into the catacombs - you don't need to register in the 7 seals. Registration is needed only for dialog with mammons. Light elves can take the sub-class professions of dark elves and vice versa. Overlord and Crafter can also be sub-classed. Optional instanced zones have been introduced, read more at the link. The OE sharpening bonus is implemented as per the c4 mechanic. EWA/EAA spoil and drop - increased; Core + orfen will now have the ability to apa stats; Core + orfen теперь будут иметь возможность апа статов; Added drop of low A-grade glove recipes: Recipe: Sealed Tallum Gloves (60%) and Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves (60%) can be knocked out in the Necropolis of Martyrdom from a level 66 mob: Nephilim Scout - note: belongs to the army of Dawn, so in the week of Dawn's victory these mobs are removed from the catacombs, and if Dawn wins, the number of these mobs is doubled.
  6. Друзья 🥰. Рады сообщить Вам, что мы готовы запустить ОБТ. Обращаем Ваше внимание, что ОБТ будет проходить в несколько этапов: 💫На 1 этапе (9.12-17.12): Отключены инстансы, не обновлен ГМ-Шоп и ОБТ идет в режиме отладки 💫На 2 этапе (17.12-21.12): Будут включены инстансы и сервер будет обновлен в соответствии с настройками лайв-сервера. 🏅Во время второго этапа также будет проходить олимпиада с 20:00 по мск и до 22:00 по мск. Персонаж, взявший топ 1 по очкам по итогам олимпиады - получит в подарок ПА на месяц! NPC, у которого можно изменить уровень и купить необходимые итемы - находится в Гиране. 🚨Все выявленные несоответствия Вы можете направлять по форме: https://goo.su/ezNUNZ 🎁Активные участники ОБТ получат подарки. 🎮Скачать клиент можно по ссылке: https://goo.su/lAKPM 🎮Или обновиться через новый апдейтер: https://goo.su/MUAUhvR ‼️‼️‼️Обращаем Ваше внимание: для участия в ОБТ регистрация аккаунта НЕ требуется. Работает авторегистрация (не забывайте свои аккаунты!).‼️‼️‼️ По окончании ОБТ ВСЕ персонажи с ОБТ будут удалены. Личный кабинет для регистрации аккаунтов на лайв-сервер будет включен 15.12.2023. Информацию по механикам и настройкам Вы можете найти в нашей ВИКИ: wiki.l2prime-time.com
  8. Друзья, добавили форму приема баг-репортов по ЗБТ/ОБТ/Лайву. Форма приема баг-репортов: https://goo.su/ezNUNZ Форма отчета со статусами: https://goo.su/rVFVVZF 🚨Все заявки будут автоматически копироваться в раздел: https://goo.su/z3Umus
  9. Привет, рады видеть!
  10. Рады видеть снова ♥️
  11. Рады видеть вас снова!:)
  12. Привет, рады видеть. А то все такие скромные, тихие :)
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