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Briefly about the functionality that you can use:

1) Offline trade. You can put a character to trade offline using the command .offline;

On one account, you can plant up to 7 characters (login to your account does not knock characters out of offline trading);

2) If you want to find a blacksmith or merchant, you can open the map and write a command .merchant or .mammon, after which you will see a mark on the map;

3) The entrance to the catacombs and necropolises on our project, for your convenience, is through the NPC at the top;

4) You can stop gaining experience using the command .menu;

5) After 30 minutes in the game, you can receive a daily reward once a day (General menu > Attendance check);

6) Being in a clan, once a day you can receive a clan buff using the command .clanreward;

7) We have an item broker, to use it you need to find NPC Adventure Guildsman, select menu


And select the category you need from the list, after which the item broker will show you all the offers on the market within the subject you are interested in:


8)Mammon Smith's weapon changes to low B-grade inclusive;

9)Crafting book increased to 100 slots and crafting workshop to 50;

10) Academy slots increased to 100;

11)You can make a quest for D-grade clan armor;

12) For voting, you can receive coins, which, later, can be exchanged for valuable prizes;


Topic will be updated:)

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